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The World\’s THINNEST Light box! 

5mm Slimline light box

The 5mm Slimline Light box was conceptualised, created and patented (Patent Application No.2017/03853) right here at The Solutions Team, South Africa.

Proving yet again the uniqueness and innovative spirit that our heritage brings out in us.This incredibly thin, space saving product is so easy to use. The front print can be changed in less than 10 seconds.

It’s the ideal product for restaurants, corporate boardrooms/canteens, shopping malls and public spaces like airports. Enquire with our friendly team on getting the easiest branding solution you’ll ever need!

The World’s THINNEST Light box

Established in 2000, The Solutions Team offers world-class branding solutions with quality fabrics, innovation, and excellent customer service.

The World’s THINNEST Light box



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